B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

• To excel both in teaching and research.
• To create an excellent ambience to foster creativity research and scholarship.
• To be an agent to help in technological growth of the country


Inarguably, the most diverse of the engineering fields, Mechanical Engineering influences almost all faces of our life and involves several specializations. It lies at the crossroads of all the engineering disciplines. One can define Mechanical Engineering as a creative discipline that draws upon a number of basic and applied sciences to design, build, and optimize the devices, machines, processes, and systems that involve mechanical forces, work, and energy.


    Mechanical Engineering deals with a wide variety of scientific and technological challenges, which include design and manufacturing, energy conversion and power generation, control and automation, computer simulation, environment protection, building services, aerospace and many more. It is the responsibility of mechanical engineers to design machines that are safe, reliable, and efficient. Since all manufactured products must be constructed of solid materials and because most products contain parts that transmit forces, mechanical engineering is involved in designing and selecting the materials for and ensuring the structural integrity of almost every product in the market.


    The Department of Mechanical Engineering at BNCET, Lucknow, set up in session 2009-2010. Our students are analytical thinkers who always strive to find better ways of doing things. We believe this department has a substantial contribution in elevating BNCET, Lucknow to the top position.


    The faculty members are grouped under three broad specializations – Design, Manufacturing and Thermal & Fluids Engineering. They have been engaged in research in all the classical areas of Mechanical Engineering and upcoming areas too. The Department has decided recently to focus major research efforts in the following five areas:

Computational Mechanics
• ° Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics
• ° CIM
• ° Refrigeration, A/C and Cryogenics
• ° MEMS, NEMS and Mechatronics.

Groupwise Research Areas


• ° Stress Analysis
• ° Fracture Mechanics
• ° Control Systems
• ° Mechatronics
• ° Robotics
• ° Dynamics & Vibrations
• ° Tribology


• Rapid Product Development
• Process Modelling & Optimisation
• Tool Engineering
• Low Cost Automation
• Manufacturing Planning


• ° External & Internal Flows with Heat Transfer
• ° Heat Transfer Augmentation
• ° Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics & Safety
• ° Refrigeration & Cryogenics
• ° Nuclear Reactor Physics


The Mechanical Engineering Department at BNCET, Lucknow continues to lead and expand its activities in various directions. Experimental and computational facilities are being continuously upgraded. The Mechanical Engineering Dept at BNCET, Lucknow is well equipped with all the laboratories for practical and research purpose.


• ° Machine Shop
• ° Welding Shop
• ° Smithy Shop
• ° Foundry Shop
• ° Sheet Metal Shop
• ° Carpentry Shop
• ° Fitting Shop
• ° Engineering Mechanics Lab
• ° Computer Aided Engineering Graphics Lab
• ° Material Science and Testing Lab
• ° Machine Drawing Lab
• ° Thermodynamics Lab
• ° Fluid Mechanics Lab